When my pet dies
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When my pet dies – interest group

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Esther Sager
Head of Customer Service Pet Crematorium Switzerland

Saying goodbye to a loved one is a difficult moment. Your pet may have been your companion for years, and you have a strong and close bond.

Coming to terms with the reality of our pet’s life and death is a major challenge. We wish that our pet would be by our side forever. But because saying goodbye is a painful stage, it can be very helpful to find out about the various options or discuss them with family members ahead of time.

We would like to offer you a little help and provide an overview of the legal options.

What would be right for you?

Let me tell you a story: A few years ago, an elderly couple came to our crematorium with their deceased dog. While talking to them, the man spontaneously and affectionately nudged his wife and asked: “My darling, what do you want to happen with you if you die before me?” The couple then talked very openly and trustingly and made each other a promise to respect and fulfil their partner’s wishes. And although they walked away from me with sadness, I recognized an inner peace and relaxation in their faces.

Trust your heart!
These two elderly people taught me the importance of talking about this taboo subject. Sooner or later, every pet owner will have to make tough decisions. Because saying goodbye is often a painful time, it can be very helpful to ask yourself certain questions while your pet is still alive.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What will help me deal with my loss?
  • Who can support me in this process? Who can I talk to about this?
  • What should happen with my pet’s body? What are the options in Switzerland?
  • Do I want a special place where I can always remember my deceased pet?
  • What memories do I have that bring me peaceful and positive feelings? How can I draw on these in my grief?

Trust your inner voice and follow your heart. You will find the right way and the right decision for you.

I wish you every strength and all the best as you take this heartfelt journey.